Partnering with Cehail is not only a sales partnership; its partnership with a complete eco system designed to maximize your audience and revenue. Lets us take a look at what value Cehail brings to its partners;
1- Insight into the Saudi digital and advertising market: every market has its uniqueness, and the Saudi market is expecinally unique. With a huge variety of interests and backgrounds, consumers of digital media in Saudi are hard to identify profile and target. The advertising market in Saudi is also different than any other advertising market in the world. Understanding clients' interests, measuring methodology and pressure points will help make, and save millions. What Cehail does is use its research unit to conduct a study on the best possible strategy for the digital brand in Saudi to target Saudi consumers. Cehail has great insight into the current and future trends in digital advertising in the Saudi market. That means the digital property will be designed from the get go to generate advertising revenue.
2- A turnkey digital platform solution using the best and latest hardware and software. We guarantee that the IT solution provided will make the website extremely easy to reach and navigate. We start with one of the best content management systems, and then we provide the most powerful servers and the most useful user interface to create the most pleasurable browsing experience.
3- We will train your staff to manager all the software provided especially the content management system. We will also provide support resources and teams that can be tapped into whenever a technical issue occurs.
4- The sales part is where Cehail really excels. We have sales teams covering all categories and sizes of clients based in Saudi. Our sales team uses the latest CRM systems, and tap into the Group's extensive resources. Ensure that our relationship with our advertisers is based on a deep understanding of their business, their business requirements, their future goals, and their budget options. We view our advertisers as true long term partners, not based on a customer – supplier bases.
5- We will provide you with what we learned from marketing digital products and services for over a decade. We will transfer to you our knowledge on how to use search engine optimization, display advertising, and social media in making the website the most sought after website in its category.