Although it sounds like a cliché, we truly view our advertisers as long term partners. We start thinking about our advertisers when we draw the first outline of our products. We built our media as a vehicle to reach a targeted consumer, as simple as that.


We built our websites with a target audience in mind, but we continue to ask our websites' visitors about their profiles, like and dislikes, their digital preferences, and other interesting information. All of this makes advertising decision making much more effective and efficient.

Ad management


We use Double Click as an Ad management system. That will allow our advertisers to track, measure, and report accurately their ad campaigns. As for mobile advertising, we use Ad Mob, which is the premium solution for mobile advertising with its endless targeting abilities

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Our products :
The leading sports portal in Saudi Arabia. Managed by a veteran team of sports experts, it has developed a brand name of insightful and exclusive sports coverage.
The official Saudi professional league website. It carries news coverage, games schedules, and a gateway to the SPL store. Its true main attraction is the fantasy football game. This website is highly interactive and has a very high stay on site duration for users. is the fastest growing local news website in Saudi Arabia. It has over 2.3 million unique visitors and over 27 million impressions a month. It has a dedicated following that enjoy the website's breaking news mentality, in depth reporting, and renowned columnists.
Maaal is a business and economical portal that has a specific target audience; executives, businessmen, and high net worth individuals in Saudi Arabia. Maaal (which means money in Arabic) was created based on tens of focus groups from target audience.
Foshea is a life style portal for the digital age's Saudi women. Foshea (which means the off-burble feminine color) targets educated, affluent Saudi women who have a passion for fashion, music, and the arts. Foshea also covers health, family and motherhood. is the one stop shop for all the needs and wants of Saudi women. It covers beauty, fashion, cooking, and so much more. It has 3 million unique visitors and over 10.4 million page views a month. It has a strong following across the MENA area.
a true medical portal; with partnership with Habeeb hospital, it provides great medical advice, and useful medical tips. It has over 10 easy to use medical and wellbeing tests that are both insightful and fun to use. It has 656,955 unique visitors.
anaween (which means headlines in Arabic) is one of the few truly journalistic news portal in the Kingdom. It has a reputation of intelligent news gathering and exceptional events coverage. Run by the ex-editor in chief of Al Watan newspaper. It has over 170,000 unique visitors.
the go to portal for overall health and wellbeing advice. It has a pioneering mix of website and social hub. It has an amazing tool to manage weight. Its Facebook page has 2.3 million fans from across the Middle East.