about us
Cehail was established on one simple belief; digital is the optimal communication and marketing medium. With effectiveness, efficiency, accountability, and flexibility not matched in any other media, digital marketing is second to non. Believe us, we lead the biggest traditional media and advertising companies in KSA.
Our method is simple; we listen, we imagine, we discuss, and then we provide the most suitable solutions. We understand the value of long partnerships and protecting our brand name, so we view our clients as associates, not customers.

What’s in the name?

Cehail is the Arabic name of the star ‘Canopus’, the second brightest star in the Sky. The name kind of ‘fell into our lap’. Cehail’s founders’ first meeting was held over dinner on the 24th of August, the night Cehail first appears in the Northern hemisphere.

Cehail has been known for thousands of years as a guiding star. Pharaohs used it to guide their ship to the Paradise light house in Alexandria. Arabs used it to find the south. Nasa uses Cehail to guide its space ships into the universe. And since one of Cehail’s founding principles is to guide our partners through the universe of digital media and advertising, it just clicked.
On a personal level, when Cehail appears on the 25th of August each year, Arabs for centuries would know that it’s the end of the typically very hot summer, and that the night will start getting cooler. For us as individuals, starting Cehail was a personal triumph and metamorphosis.       

Who we are ?
- We are a digital specialized company.
- marketing and advertising experts with over 20 years combined of experience in the media, marketing, and advertising industries. With specialized insight into KSA market.
- our approach is objective and uses market standards of booking and reporting, we use the latest technologies such as double click and effective measure.